Our Spiritual Heart is the key to our connection to our True Source (the Divine Creator)

Our Heart is the site of peace, calmness, joy love and happiness.

When we open our hearts we can experience wonderful feelings, release ourselves from negativities and realise more about the purpose of our life.

Welcome to the Padmacahaya New Zealand website.  Padmacahaya is an Indonesian/ Sanskrit word meaning Lotus Light.  Padmacahaya New Zealand is a branch of the Padmacahaya International Foundation and Padmajaya Foundation (Indonesian).

Padmacahaya NZ facilitates Open Heart and Reiki Tummo workshops, meditation meetings (actual and online), Reiki Tummo healing clinics and Introductory Seminars. Please follow the links to learn more about Padmacahaya NZ including regional contacts, the Open Heart program, the Reiki Tummo program and the latest workshop information.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, have questions or simply want to say hi please leave a comment or enquiry.


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