More about the Heart

Our Very Special and Important Heart

oh1As human beings, we do not simply consist of a brain and a physical body, but every one of us is also spiritual being. Our Spiritual Heart is the centre of feeling, of calmness, peacefulness and true joy as it is also the key to our connection with our Divine Source.

Not to be confused, the Heart in this context, is not our physical heart that pumps blood around our body, rather it is our spiritual heart that is located in the middle of our chests, the very core of our being.

Discover your heart, your inner self and the everlasting joy that lies within.

See videos of Irman talking about the heart here.

Why Do Our Hearts Need to be Opened?

oh2 Take a moment and remember how many times a day do we get angry/annoyed/frustrated/sad at situations, ourselves or others in life…..With all of these emotions and thoughts, unfortunately, we unconsciously dirty and close our hearts. Our hearts become heavy with stress/anxiety/pressure and accumulate a lot of blockages that prevent it from opening.

However, by opening our hearts, not only will we feel calmer, happier, freer, but our mental, emotional and spiritual health will also improve dramatically at home, at work and everywhere else. You will be able to see that relationships with your children, friends, spouses and colleagues will gradually become more and more positive as you open your heart.

As we recognise more and more the real purpose of life, we will see things in a more beautiful light and all aspects of our life will gradually become better, sweeter and happier.

How do We Open Our Hearts?

oh3Opening our hearts is very different to the usual activities that we do in our daily life. In opening our hearts, we want to rely on the beautiful Blessings from the Divine Source that are always available for us.

So, while in our daily activities, we are required to put in a lot of effort, opening the heart is the exact opposite…..just smile, relax and enjoy 🙂 and let the Blessings from the Divine Source open our heart (really!)

Through step by step guidance and natural methods (such a relaxing and smiling!), you will be guided by our experienced and patient instructors in our Open Heart Workshops to reap the benefits from an Open Heart for your health, your well-being and your whole life!






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